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Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC)
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Media Release

CTSC 2019 | Tuesday April 02, 2019 | Wednesday April 03,2019 | Thursday April 04, 2019 |

In a world that is threatened by global terrorism, widespread economic espionage and technologically based crime, the Technical Security Specialist (TSS) has never been as important as he / she is in the world of today.

Hostile technological threats, affect the security posture of nearly every business and individual in Canada and around the world.

Such threats are known as: Industrial Espionage, Technological Terrorism, Identity Theft, and Domestic and Foreign Intelligence Gathering.

Technological Crimes of all descriptions are often the direct result of an intentional and / or unintentional compromise of sensitive business, corporate, government, military, or personal information.

It is not uncommon to encounter hostile threats on a daily basis. Sometimes these threats originate from foreign government / military technology.

It used to be that such technology could take years to reach Canada and the United States.

However, the speed with which such technology now hits the consumer market has accelerated to the point that it can appear within weeks or months.

Technical security practitioners, within the private, corporate, military, law enforcement or government sectors, are tasked with securing critical information.

They need to be aware of hostile threats, emerging technologies and how to employ appropriate countermeasures to prevent or mitigate serious technological compromises.


Will the final battle ground prove to be one of cyber / electromagnetic spectrum dominance in the fight against state sponsored economic-espionage, and the growing trend of technology based international terrorism?


It is an ever growing responsibility to keep on top of such information and often beyond the capability of isolated operators.

The Technical Security Branch (TSB) recognized this problem 38 years ago and has been actively engaged in the development of both operational and advanced training research and development activities, including the creation and development of the Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC).


What is the Canadian Technical Security Conference?

The CTSC is a unique annual event; there are no other non-governmental technical security related conferences of this level and specific focus available here in Canada.

CTSC serves two (2) primary objectives: providing an educational component for TSCM professional skills development; and creating an opportunity for professional TSCM operators, equipment manufacturers, and end user clients to share knowledge and participate in a network.


Knowing where to get the latest information and who to contact, greatly enhances the national security posture, with an informed capability, of providing Technical Security (TSEC) services.


Who Should Attend?

CTSC is a not to be missed event and has something for everyone concerned with Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM).

Those tasked with protecting information resources and providing professional TSCM / Counter-Intelligence (CI) related services, as well as those in security or management positions in any industry, should consider attending this unique professional development networking opportunity.

The following is a partial list of potential CTSC participants:

 •  Certified Technical Security Specialists (TSS)

 •  Private Sector TSCM Professionals

 •  Government Sector TSCM Professionals

 •  Counter-Intelligence (CI) Operatives

 •  Technical Intelligence Professionals

 •  IT / Computer Security Managers

 •  Telecommunication Professionals

 •  Computer Forensics Specialist's

 •  Industrial / Commercial / Corporate Security Directors

 •  Law Enforcement Personnel (Intelligence / Technical Services)

 •  Private Sector Security Personnel

 •  Private Investigators

 •  Government Investigators

 •  Military / CSE / CSIS / RCMP

 •  Corporate Directors

 •  Privacy Administrators


Conference Format

The annual Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) spans three (3) days in a single track program that encompasses a wide range of professional skill development presentations, a TSCM technical workshop, as well as a trade show of equipment manufacturers and professional services providers.

No matter whether participants are entry-level or seasoned professionals, our conference program has something for everyone.

In addition, our popular "Bug-off" allows participants to experience first-hand how a bug sweep is performed using a variety of TSCM equipment and tools. Participants return year after year not only because it is a professionally orchestrated and unique hands-on learning experience, but also because they are eager to compete for awards, prizes, and bragging rights.

Hospitality Night: The CTSC conference committee invites all participants, presenters and guests to network at the CTSC Hospitality Night event the first evening of the program to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and finger foods. A cash bar is available.

Dinner and Awards Night: The CTSC committee has arranged a dinner and awards night (casual) on the second day of the conference that features a Key Note Speaker and is another excellent opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues.


Conference Theme

While it is difficult to narrow the conference theme to any a specific area of the industry, it is fair to say that professional skills development is perhaps the most important aspect of our conference and will dominate the agenda during future conferences as well.

Professional Standards with respect to TSCM equipment resources, professional TSCM services and advanced TSCM certification training are all important elements of CTSC.


Networking Opportunity

Networking is always a primary consideration when determining whether to attend a particular trade oriented conference.

It should be noted that whether you are a seasoned professional or relatively new to the TSCM industry, everyone has something to pass on to others. Networking allows for an excellent learning environment and one that can extend well beyond the conference.

The fact that CTSC includes both professional development, as well as networking, makes it unique and a not to be missed opportunity.

We hope you will join us for the 14th annual Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) and find out what you are missing by working within the "covert vacuum" of the industry.

For more information, please do not hesitate us.


Mailing Address

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.
Technical Security Branch (TSB)
5 - 4104 Fairview Street, Suite 319
Burlington Ontario
Canada L7L 4Y8


Telephone Directory

Canada & USA: 1-888-293-7384

Toronto: 647-293-7384

Ottawa: 613-903-7577

Calgary: 403-812-0737


CTSC 2019 Conference Management Group

Carol Fairbrother:

Gabriele Conflitti:

Paul D Turner, TSS TSI:

Andrzej Wolczanski, TSS:

John Price, CPP CRM:

CTSC 2019 is organized and sponsored by Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., and the Technical Security Branch (TSB). Co-sponsorship is provided by the Technical Research and Standards Group (TRSG).



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