About CTSC Canada

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., is pleased to announce that the 15th Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC), is confirmed at the NAV Center, located in Cornwall Ontario, Canada from Tuesday April 27, 2021 to Thursday April 29, 2021

Registration for presenters, exhibitors, and participants is now open for this annual 3-Day Canadian technical security event.


The Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC)TM has gained the distinction of being the longest running professional development event for Technical Security practitioners in Canada.


CTSC 2021 | Conference Theme


Defining the Challenges of a Modern Moving Target Threat Model: Exploiting the Advantages of a formal Technical and Cyber Security Program

  • Traditional security approaches have relied on the ad hoc application of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), Physical Security and Cyber Security concepts. Unfortunately, the resulting piecemeal approach to security is certain to leave gaps and weaknesses that will be found and exploited by a determined and resourceful attacker. At the same time, advances in technology on both sides are creating seemingly infinite opportunities for attackers:
  • Powerful tools for compromising information technology and communications systems continue to be developed and deployed;
  • Sophisticated, surveillance technologies are widely available at low cost;
  • Data can be collected from publicly available sources for use in an intelligence context (open-source intelligence);
  • Social engineering approaches (with remarkable success) can be used to acquire information from an organization’s employees (HUMINT), induce them to make mistakes, or be used to spread misinformation damaging the organization’s reputation.

A Poorly Implemented Technical Security Program Fools Everyone — But the Attacker…

While there is an increasingly compelling case that stovepipe security approaches are increasingly inadequate to defend against current and emerging technology threats, the security industry has been slow to move towards a modern integrated security model.

This situation reflects several issues that pervade the industry. One is short term thinking that focuses on the current perception of the threat environment. Another is the fragmentation and compartmentalization of the industry and often there is a coin flip decision to gamble the probability of whether or not a costly technical compromise will occur.

Many players are comfortably entrenched in their own niches and see anything that might affect their existing business models as a threat rather than an opportunity. Consequently, they focus on the promotion of their own specialties while downplaying other issues of which they often have limited knowledge or experience.

Furthermore, organizational leaders are often reluctant to recognize the scope and magnitude of the technical security problem that espionage poses to their respective organizations. Indeed, their organizations may have already been successfully targeted without their leadership or security teams realizing it.

This situation must and will change as the limitations of existing approaches become ever more conspicuous. Security practitioners who are able to think in terms of coherent and systematic approaches to security and work effectively with other industry experts will find themselves better positioned to benefit in terms of both business and professional successes.

The do it your self approach and jack of all trades concept simply weakens the overall security posture of the organization and it is essential to ensure each professional disciple is well represented within the organizational structure of a formal technical security team.

Conference Dates

Monday April 26, 2021 (Optional Travel Day / Exhibitor Setup Opportunity)

Tuesday April 27, 2021 (CTSC – Day 1)

Wednesday April 28, 2021 (CTSC – Day 2)

Thursday April 29, 2021 (CTSC – Day 3)

Conference Venue


1950 Montreal Road
Cornwall, Ontario
Canada K6H 6L2

Telephone: 613-936-5800

Toll free: 877-832-6416

Fax: 613-936-5010

Email: conference@navcentre.ca

Reservations: 1-866-243-9193 or reservations@navcentre.ca

There is always plenty of free parking available on-site.

Please do not contact the NAV Centre directly for issues other than booking and confirming your accommodations. Please direct all CTSC 2021 inquiries to Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.

Plan to Attend Early!

Participants, exhibitors, presenters and CTSC 2021 guests are invited to join us on the first evening of the conference for our sponsored hospitality night networking event.

CTSC-Hospitality-NightPlease join us for a casual evening of networking with friends and colleagues.

NAV CENTRE is a unique venue combining comfortable accommodations, excellent meals, and a superb conference experience for participants and guests alike.

Hospitality night includes a selection of snacks, and refreshments. Cash bar is available.

The hospitality night event provides a casual and relaxing end, rounding out a busy first day of the conference.

Hospitality night is included with your participant conference registration and / or exhibitor fee, presenters and all CTSC 2021 guests are invited.

NAV CENTRE is the permanent home and Resident Training Centre (RTC) of Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., and is perhaps the best kept secret in the Ottawa area. Professional Development provides advanced training for Canadian, North American and international students from the private and public sector including government, military and the national security apparatus worldwide.

NAV CENTRE is home base for the Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) TM here in Canada providing a dedicated and secure learning environment for the annual CTSC event.

The reality is that consumer and commercial level technological developments are converging, opening up new possibilities for all technical security professionals who maintain strong technical and administrative skill sets across a wide knowledge base.

At the same time, a wide variety of new technological threats are emerging, and these threats could compromise technical security and place tremendous demands on, and pose significant challenges to technical security programs, physical infrastructure and the information technology architecture.

Technical security professionals, at all operational threat levels, from private individuals, small businesses, corporate security directors, governments, and military operators will need to be informed and prepared, not only here in Canada, but around the globe as business interests continue to become globally mobile.

That is why you need to be a part of the exclusive group of technical security practitioners and industry support professionals at CTSC 2021.

CTSC 2021 is a not to be missed three (3) day professional development and networking opportunity with others engaged in the complex field of technical security.

So plan now to attend, present, demonstrate, exhibit, network, compete in our original, world famous “Bug-Off”, attend hospitality night, enjoy the keynote speaker at our always entertaining casual Dinner and Awards night, learn something new, see what is on the horizon, and extend your professional credibility with renewed knowledge and the opportunity for hands on experience.

It is all happening at CTSC 2021 for the 15th year running!

Who Should Attend?

CTSC 2021 is an absolute must attend event for local public safety, regulatory, national security entities, defense contractors, regional, national and international Technical Security (TSEC) professionals from the private and public sector, including corporate security, financial sector, oil, gas, mining sector, government, law enforcement, military organizations, search and rescue, aviation, transportation sector, and associated agencies of the security apparatus across North America and beyond.

In-fact, anyone concerned with, or responsible for a wide range of physical and Technical Security (TSEC) subject matter and best practice concepts, will benefit from attending CTSC 2021.

CTSC 2021 is financially sponsored and operated by Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., and is organized for the purpose of professional development and networking, with a strong educational component at all operational threat levels.

International Participants

CTSC 2021 will not provide letters of invitation or sponsor international participant Visas.

All information about our event is located on the CTSC 2021 website for planning, registering and attending the event, including accommodation booking with the venue.

There are no exceptions to this policy.

It is up to the participant to obtain the appropriate travel documents to enter Canada and attend the conference event.

All participants must be registered and paid in full in advance of the conference.

We do not permit at the door registration or payment.

Access to the conference will be denied unless all registration and payment requirements are met in advance of the event.

The Venue can be contacted directly for accommodation reservations