Benefits of Attending CTSC

Here are some of the benefits of attending CTSC:

  • CTSC helps to raise awareness about security in general and how technical security fits in with other facets of security. Learning more about technical security will enhance the value added to clients.
  • Technical security is an important security component to counter vulnerabilities, loss of proprietary information, loss of business, and/or loss of livelihood
  • The traditional paradigm of security needs to be challenged such that those people responsible for security no longer work in silos and instead consider more proactive and collaborative methods. CTSC helps to raise awareness for practitioners, qualifies for certification and training and identifies other relevant training, including using the KestrelĀ® system
  • The cost of attending CTSC is relatively inexpensive compared to the loss of essential or proprietary data/information.
  • Presenters are encouraged to attend the entire conference because their registration fees are waived.
  • CTSC is a good place to start to find out more about technical security for practitioners and for decision makers. Find out how much it costs to implement technical security. What does your company want to accomplish (needs) and what type of equipment may you want to use or to which company may you contract out your technical security requirements (some contractors are better than others)? Find out how to know if an operator is technical security competent.
  • Given that CTSC is being held in Alberta, why not combine the conference with sightseeing some of the most spectacular scenery nearby in the Canadian Rockies or visiting outstanding tourist destinations (see:

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