16th CTSC 2024 | TSCM “Bug-Off”

16th CTSC 2024 | TSCM "Bug-Off"

Our TSCM competitive “Bug-Off” is an excellent way to network and learn from other like-minded professional TSCM operators while participating in a mildly entertaining and competitive practical component of the conference agenda.

Our previous competitive “Bug-Off” events have all been outstanding and successful, and have provided an excellent opportunity for a light-hearted competitive sprit during the conference.

Participating in our first ever, all day competitive “Bug-Off” is perhaps an excellent way to learn, explore and extend your professional networking opportunities and gain valuable knowledge from other TSCM practitioners.

Our TSCM “Bug-Off” provides a light-hearted competition as well as the opportunity to evaluate professional TSCM equipment resources provided.

The “Bug-Off” is open to all conference participants for a chance to win prizes and recognition during the Dinner & Awards night.

Participants will be provided with an assignment form to be completed and submitted to the conference “Bug-Off” committee for review.

The 1st prize winner will have identified the largest number of high-quality technical threats and vulnerabilities within the time frame provided and within specific criteria. The 2nd and 3rd prize winners follow in order.

TSCM operators may bring there own equipment resources and utilize whatever equipment they would normally use on the job, or have the opportunity to utilize equipment resources provided by the TSB and exhibitors.

Prizes, Awards, Peer Recognition, and Bragging Rights are just a few of the benefits for participants of our 16th TSCM “Bug-off”.

The TSB “Office of Evil Intent” is eagerly looking forward to the new all-day format and will surely confound and confuse the brave few that are prepared to accept the ultimate challenge.

As usual the “Office of Evil Intent” (aka Andrzej Wolczanski and Paul D Turner) will be designing a challenging experience for all those who dare to choose to participant in this year’s competitive event.

Remember, who dares, wins!

Participate in our cordless telephone Challenge as part of the competitive “Bug-Off” event for CTSC 2024, designed to both challenge and educate. Test your technical skill and analytical approach to threat signal identification and gain better insight and understanding of a modern ambient RF spectrum environment.

This is an excellent opportunity and provides the participant with a better understanding of the complexities of the various signal types by examining and analyzing real-world and simulated signal events across a wide Range of Interest (ROI) on modern high-speed Software Defined Radio (SDR) hardware. You can even give your “Bug-Off” standing a boost this year, by participating in the Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) wireless Challenge”.

CTSC 2024 "Bug-Off" Prizes

CTSC 2024 will award a variety of prizes to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place contenders based on a combination of each individual participant’s actual results in properly detecting and identifying a host of Technical Surveillance Devices (TSD) and Technical Security Hazards (TSH) during his / her inspection of the Operator Defined Target Area (ODTA) assigned during the event.

The results and awards will be announced during the Dinner and Awards event on the evening of the second day of the conference. All CTSC 2024 registered participants are welcome to sign-up and actively participant in this years event, beginner at seasoned spectrum warrior alike. We are also pleased to recognize the sponsors of this year’s competitive “Bug-Off” who have donated prizes to make this event 16th “bug-off” event a tremendous success.

Please note that prizes have no cash redeemable value.

“Bug-Off” 1st Prize ($570.00 CAD Value))

1st Prize

FLIR TG165-X MSX | IR Imaging Camera


Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.


See the Heat! The new FLIR TG165-X MSX Imaging Camera lets you see heat patterns, reliably measure temperatures, and store images and data. This is an entry level TSCM resources that is useful for detecting hidden camera and other tell tale signs of the possible presence of technical surveillance devices. No cash value.

“Bug-Off” 2nd Prize ($275.00 CAD Value)

2nd Prize

Vehicle Sweep Work Table and Storage Kit


Vilution Limited (UK)


Portable storage and work table for vehicle inspection support, with soft side build in storage bins, includes vehicle panel pry-bar and LED inspection mirror starter kit. The kit folds down to a duffle bag size carry case that can be used to facilitate travel requirements and on-site setup. No more placing your expense Kestrel ® laptop and other equipment resources on the ground. No cash value.

“Bug-Off” 3rd Prize ($175.00 CAD Value)

3rd Prize

Tactical Deployment Backpack


Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.


This is a high-quality tactical backpack with “go-bag” ready compartments for every conceivable field requirement with invisible UV marking and inspection kit. There is plenty of room for your entire TSCM RF inspection kit, such as a large format laptop and tablet computer, radio and antenna, and other accessories, and still meet airline carry-on requirements. No cash value…