Awards and Recognition

Recognition of professional achievement is an important element of any thriving and relevant industry. Peer recognition helps build professional credibility, enhances public awareness, and strengthens confidence in the Technical Security (TSEC) industry.

Nominating an individual, company, organization, entity, or manufacturer is easy for CTSC 2020. Just download and submit online in advance of the conference, or complete the form at the conference, located in your CTSC participant event package.

Nomination forms can be submitted up until the end of the first day of the Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC).

Multiple submissions are permitted and encouraged. Submit your vote of confidence today!


Awards and Recognition Nomination Submission Form


Forward the Awards and Recognition Nomination Submission Form by the submission deadline. Submissions received prior to the conference will be posted below and periodically updated as new submissions are received.

Completed forms may be emailed directly to in advance of the 2020 conference event.

Awards and recognition will take place during various conference events, and as part of the Dinner & Awards night event.



List of Nominations for CTSC 2020

The CTSC 2020 management group have already received a number of nomination forms for the CTSC 2020 conference event.


Nominations will be continue to be accepted during the lead up to the CTSC 2020 event, and until the end of the 1st day of the Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) event.


The following nominations have been received for consideration by the CTSC management group, (as of Tuesday October 22, 2019).


SM200A/B Spectrum Monitoring Receiver

Product Category : Software Defined Radio (SDR) | Hardware

Company : Signal Hound

Nominations : Canada | 7 | United States of America | 17 | European Union | 3 |

Description: The SM200A/B Spectrum Monitoring is powerful new industry disruptive SDR hardware running at search speeds of greater than 1 THz significantly. This receiver has changed revolutionized the industry as the new standard in test and measurement and for TSCM | SIGINT applications.


3D Energy Probe (Model 3DEP-10)

Product Category : Power Line Analytics

Company : Professional Development TSCM Group

Nominations : Canada | 5 | United States of America | 2 | Australia | 1 |

Description: The 3D Energy Probe is the innovative new technology manufactured from the ground up to meet TSCM and Remote Spectrum Surveillance and Monitoring (RSSM) TM from 10 kHz to 3 GHz when coupled with any spectrum analyzer, search receiver, analyzer, or other test and measurement resources.


Kestrel TSCM Professional Software

Product Category : Software Defined Radio (SDR) Software Technology

Company : Professional Development TSCM Group

Nominations : Canada | 9 | United States of America | 4 | United Kingdom | 2 |

Description: Kestrel has become the new standard in the face of a modern moving target threat model and offers innovative new features and functionality far beyond the reach of TSCM focused spectrum analyzers. The software provides a complete set of industry disruptive features specific to TSCM, SIGINT, ELINT, regulatory monitoring and enforcement, interference analysis, propagation field mapping, geolocation heat mapping, multiple radio support, multiple band operation, and both audio and video demodulation.