Presenter Registration

Presenter Registration


We ask that all submissions be submitted electronically and as soon as possible.

All submissions will be reviewed and notifications will be sent to the email address listed for the presenter.



Please submit your completed Presenter Registration Form to Carol Fairbrother.

Please note the information provided in the Call for Presentations, the rest of the information on this page, and Conference Theme CTSC 2024

CTSC Audience


CTSC participants are primarily TSCM professionals from the private sector, government, military, consultants, engineers, and the law enforcement sector.

Past CTSC events have commanded an impressive list of participants from across Canada and internationally who recognize the value of a dedicated event of this nature.


Basic Submission Guidelines


We offer the following basic submission guidelines to assist speakers and presenters:

  • Presentations must be submitted and delivered in English, the official language of the event
  • Presentations should describe and be based on the presenters’ original work, experience, or research
  • An individual may submit more than one (1) presentation to be delivered during multiple sessions, however, the presentations must not be the same


Detailed Submission Guidelines


If you have submitted a basic submission, you will be required at a later date to provide the following as indicated in the more detailed checklist below:

  • Name
  • Title of the Presenter
  • Contact Information
  • Personal BIO
  • Head and Shoulders Digital Photograph (JPG, PNG)
  • Exact Title of the Proposed Presentation
  • Ready to Post Description of the Presentation (75 – 250 words)
  • Session Delivery Time Requirement (60 or 120 minutes)
  • Presentation Equipment Requirements
  • Copy of your presentation and other relevant materials that you wish to provide to participants

Speakers are reminded to avoid direct sales pitches for any specific product or service during professional development seminars or workshops unless the session is approved as a product or service demonstration. However, presenters may mention marketing material, product information, white papers, etc. that will be provided with the presentations on the USB drive to participants at the end of the conference.