Confirmed Presenters

Confirmed Presenters

Our ultimate goal in achieving a high quality, educational, and informative annual Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) event, requires the collective talents of a wide range of presenters to conduct a range of relevant subject matter topics, technical papers and practical workshops.

The CTSC management group would be interested in hearing from industry professionals who would be willing to provide a technical presentation or product demonstration. The CTSC event committee has opened the door to proposals, papers and topic suggestions to include the widest possible scope of expertise.

If you might be interested in contributing to the success of the conference or are aware of a colleague or business associate by being part of our elite group of presenters, contact the CTSC committee for details.

If you might be interested in contributing to the success of the conference by presenting at the CTSC 2024 event contact Carol Fairbrother or Paul Turner for information.

Confirmed Presenters and Speakers

The CTSC management group is pleased to confirm the following presenters and speakers for the 16th Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC).

Additional presenters and speakers are pending and will be announced and posted as they are confirmed.


Andrzej Wojczanski

Andrzej Wolczanski, TSS (8A)

Christophe Camus

Christophe Camus, CTO, TSI (10A) (15A)

Dale Jackaman (3A)

Diana Elkin

Diana Elkin, CSMP (14A)

Gary Dawson

Gary Dawson, MSc, CPP, PSP, PCIP (11A)

JJ Giner (7A)

John A. Price

John A. Price, CPP, CRM (5A)

John B. Minor

John B. Minor, Subject Matter Expert in Federal and State Courts, DCOE, CSA, CSE, CCE (10A) (13A)

Kenneth Johnston, CD, BSc, MSc (12A)

Len Babin, CPP, ABSP (4A)

Paul D. Turner

Paul D Turner, TSS, TSI (1A) (2A) (Keynote) (16A)

Rebecca Kairouz

Rebecca Kairouz, CTO, TSI (1A) (2A)

Robert Inkol

Robert Inkol, BSc, MASc (6A)